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The Ultimate Small Shop Staple!

The Jobsite Table Saw Workbench

One of the most requested builds that I get is to make a small workbench with a built-in Dewalt contractor saw.  This design just might be the most approachable workbench design yet.  Featuring the DWE 745 or (newer) DWE 7485 this little workbench packs quite a punch!  With integral routing of dust collection and electrical utilities you can keep your shop in neat working order without breaking the bank or taking up too much space.

The design is modular in nature so customizing to fit your exact needs is fairly easy.  The workbench measures 72" long by 39" wide by 36.5" tall.  The height was chosen to be slightly taller than the average table saw, which are typically 35".

The approximate cost for building the workbench as designed (including the router lift) is ~$1000 (this will of course vary for everyone)


Wood only - $375
Electrical & Dust Collection System - $120
Hardware - $150
Everything Else - $500 (router lift, T-Track, etc)

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