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The Foundation of your Garage Shop

The Ultimate Cabinets

The "Ultimate Cabinets" detailed in a 7-part build series on my YouTube channel feature a TON of storage, a miter station, integrated dust collection, and much more.  These build plans go into full color detail explaining how to build the upper cabinets, lower cabinets, and full dust collection system.  The plans feature over 130 pages of detail to get you over the finish line.  This is a great project for anyone looking to build a workshop or improve the storage in their garage.  Keep in mind there are a couple of configurations to choose from to best fit your space.

The design is broken down into smaller "sub-cabinets" so you can fit your exact needs fairly easily.  The standard configuration measures 160" long, 30" deep (for the base cabinets) and 92" tall.

The approximate cost for building the bank of cabinets as designed (including dust collection) is ~$1800 (this will of course vary for everyone)


Wood only - $940
Dust Collection System - $400
Hardware - $340
Everything Else - $100 (lighting, T-Track, etc)

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