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Efficiency & Storage!

The Miter Station

The miter station has a TON of storage, an integrated dust collection system, and a fenceless stop block setup.  These build plans go into full color detail explaining how to build each cabinet and integrated dust collection system.  The plans are 100 pages long because each step is illustrated to aid in construction.  In addition to the full color images, there is a 4-part video series which shows first hand how I built these cabinets.  There are also options to mix/match sizes to fit the space you have!

This is a great project for anyone looking to build a workshop or improve the storage in their garage.  What is great about these plans is that it is broken down into chunks so you can spread out the time/cost of the project very easily.

The plans include a full material breakdown so you can approximate costs, but I will provide some rough cost estimates here:

Approximate Final Size:
160" Long (Plans include modification options for 130" or 190" length as well), 31" Deep, 37" Tall

Wood ONLY - $460
Hardware (hinges, drawer slides, leveling feet, etc) - $340
Total Estimated build cost without dust collection - $800


If you do choose to add the integrated dust collection system, the cost will be ~$1300 when it's all said and done.  Of course these values are purely estimates and your results may vary.

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