Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't you post more content?

I know right? I'd love to! Unfortunately I have a full time job and a beautiful wife that take up a significant portion of my time. I love making content for this community but I don't have any aspirations to go full-time so I'm left with producing content when I can.

I want to build out my shop but I have no idea where to start...

Awesome, do it! I was in that exact same position and I just had to put one foot out in front of the other. I knew it was daunting, especially because I wanted to film it, but I knew that putting together a plan would help. Eat the frog, elephant, whatever animal (or plant) you choose - just EAT IT. Here are the first 3 things I would do to get started: 1.) Start small - pick one thing and just DO IT. For example, pick a couple of drawers in your tool box, and organize your tools. Then take it step further and use kaizen foam to keep everything in order. 2.) Sketch sketch sketch. Draw out your shop, garage, room, whatever you've got to work with. Take the time to draw everything out (in 3D is even better) to get an idea of available space. Then determine what it is you want the space to do. Are you a woodworker? Are you a metal worker? Both? Whatever it is, write it down and be intentional in your plan to get there. 3.) Share your progress with someone! Whether it be a friend, family member, or maybe just an instagram post. It sounds strange but it really helps motivate to keep going. This is the single best thing about putting my progress on my YouTube channel. People interacting and commenting gets me motivated to make progress.

What is the cheapest way to get into "Making?"

The easiest way to accumulate tools into a fully equipped shop is to slowly add them through projects. Don't think that anyone on YouTube went on some huge spending spree one day to buy all of their tools. Ok, maybe there are some who did that, but for the most part it's all a gradual accumulation. Maybe your first project requires a circular saw and a square...perfect! Now you've got those tools for future projects. I call it the "Tool Snowball."

How do I get in contact with you?

This is probably pretty obvious but head to the "contact" section of this website. Come on now...

Do you have plans for your projects?

Yes! I finally am starting to put together plans for projects, both current and prior. I got enough requests that I thought it was worth the time and effort to make them. So far they have been recieved very well so I intend to keep it going!

How do I get more connected with Shop Nation?

1.) Subscribe to Shop Nation on YouTube 2.) Follow Shop Nation on instagram 3.) Tag "shopnation" in your posts! I want to incorporate a section of this website to anyone out there who is doing the same thing as me. Hopefully that inspires more people to do the same.

How can I support Shop Nation?

There are basically 3 ways to support Shop Nation: 1.) Watch the video content and interact with likes, comments, and shares. You have likely already done that, so THANK YOU! It helps out a lot. Cost = $Free 2.) Shop through the affiliate links posted in the videos, on this website, and in the project plans. I tend to use Amazon but also link through Home Depot and Rockler. Simply following those links and shopping will reward me with a small comission - even if you don't buy what I originally linked! There is no additional cost to you for doing this, and it's greatly appreciated! Link: https://amzn.to/2ZXogZG Cost = $Free (as long as you are shopping normally) 3.) Purchase either swag, products, or build plans. I will never flat out ask for money - you all have better things to do. I'd rather provide some value in the form of a physical good or digital product. It all goes a long way to supporting! Cost = $5-40