Frequently Asked Questions

Do your gentlemen travel outside of Auckland?

Yes, our gentlemen are certainly available for travel outside of Auckland :) The cost of travel is covered by the client, we do not put a mark up on this and we are happy to provide receipts (fuel, air tickets etc) for any travel costs that are incurred. If the gentleman of your choice has to travel outside the greater auckland region we do charge $50 an hour to cover the cost of our gentleman's time.

$350 an hour sounds like a lot of money, what does it cover?

We take the time to vet (background check) all of our gentlemen. This includes police checks, regular health checks, regular reviews of their professional practise as well as directing them to NZPC so that they have access to similar Employment Assistance Programs that you would find in a regular place of employment. $350 covers your desire. We prefer not to think of them as New Zealand Male Escorts but rather companions. We have a gentleman / companion to meet your taste; they cook, they clean, and are the complete social package if you wish to take them out and at the end of the night, it includes any level of physical intimacy that you desire! If you decide your date is to last longer than an hour, then talk to us and we shall sort a reduced rate for you.

What so different about PlusOne?

We offer premium gentleman who genuinely desire to put you first! Dating and spending time with a member of the opposite sex nowadays is troublesome and a little disconcerting at times, especially if your short on time. Why shouldn’t women have what they want when they want? Men have been doing it for a long time, so now it’s time to remove that double standard.

What is the “review system” all about?

After a date, we ask the ladies to leave a review of the gentleman that they spent time with. We are in agreement with our friendly gentlemen, that if they receive less than 4 stars, three times consecutively, then PlusOne is not the right service provider for them. We care for our gentlemen and have high expectations; its their primary concern to provide a high level of personal pleasure and care demanded by our clients!

Ok so how do I arrange a gentleman to be my companion for the next wee while?

Thats easy! You can either email or call us for a consultation or book one online. Simply browse the gentlemen catalogue on our website, read a bit about them, and pick the one that you want to spend time with. Feel free to also tell us how you need your companion for the night, to be presented, and even little cues about how you would like him to behave if there is a certain fantasy you have in mind. Overall though...have fun!!

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